It sounds too good to be true…….

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too good to be trueWhen I first talk to people about my business, their first reaction is often to believe that it sounds to good to be true. How can I create personal wealth from putting just 20 hours a week into this business? If it’s so good why are others not doing it?

Both valid questions. Firstly, don’t rubbish an idea because it sounds too good to be true. Imagine finding out 5 years later, that this opportunity was the one that could have changed your life and you just disregarded it.

So lets tackle the first two most commonly asked questions.

1. How can I create personal wealth from putting just 20 hours a week into this business?

        • To start with you have to remember that Network Marketing is the most democratic way of working with others. For you to succeed you must be willing to help others succeed. This is about the team and not the individual.
        • It’s a numbers business. It’s lot’s of people doing a little. Given time you are able to build a team that is able to multiply the amount of hours you could ever hope to work during a week. For example, most people work 40 hours per week and couldn’t imagine a 100, 200, 1000 hour week. Build a productive team and you benefit from their time as well as your own. Learn to leverage!

2. If it’s so good why are others not doing it?

        • Others ARE doing it now. Believe me when I say there are new Network Marketing businesses popping up all over the world. As Robert Kiyosaki would say “It’s the business of the 21st Century.
        • Many people are coming across the opportunity to start their own Network Marketing and are passing it by without really investigating if what people are saying is true.

Word of Warning!

Do your homework. If your excited by the opportunity that has fell into your lap speak to others, ask lots of questions. Go into it with your eyes open. That’s what I did and I haven’t looked back since.

Interested in knowing how my business could make a positive change to your life? Tell me!


This morning I found this……..25th November 2011

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4 Star Warner Leisure Holme Lacy House


You don’t need to travel far to have an amazing holiday.


5 day & 4 night stay at the 4* Warner Leisure Holme Lacy House between 29th December – January 2nd

£381.00 (based on 2 people sharing).

That’s a whopping 47% off the standard price

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Making the most of your short city break

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City breaks

When we visit a city for the first time, on a short city break, it can be over-whelming trying to see and do as much as possible, before we have to head back to our day jobs again. With a little pre-break preparation, we can reduce the stress and hopefully, maximise our time a little better.

There is no excuse these days, for not planning what you can do during your short break, when we have access to the all-seeing, all-knowing internet. Whether it’s one of the many review sites such as Trip Advisor or the hundreds, if not thousands, of reviews to be found on blogs, forums and specialist traveling sites. We all like to think we can be spontaneous, don’t we? But not so much that it might jeopardise the break we have been waiting months to enjoy.

So, you have your destination and the dates you are going – what next?

I still don’t think you can beat a trip to WHSmiths on the high street and picking up a great travel guide, they are so much better than they used to be. Pull out maps of the city you plan to visit, key attractions guides, vouchers for discounts, restaurant reviews and even advice on how not to get caught out by the normal tourist traps. Don’t just rely on the internet.

Now you have the guide that you will be reading during your journey, you might want to converse with the “all knowing oracle” that is the internet. What I really love is that you can do video tours of places, to quickly assess what must be on your city trip “hit list”. Many cities are now covered by Google Street View allowing you to take a virtual walk past your hotel and check out the local eateries from your computer.

Without a doubt, you can’t beat a good face to face review from a friend or colleague. I like to think we are more likely to believe a friend’s review rather than something we read in a guide or on the internet. They are more likely to be honest and are very unlikely to have anything to gain from their review.

Are you a veteran city break traveller? What advice would you give to someone planning their first city break?

New to Skiing – What to pack

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New to skiingSo you’ve decided to go on your first Skiing holiday. Fantastic idea, but it’s a very different experience to the normal run of the mill, but equally lovely, beach holiday. First things first, take your time and plan what you will need. Only fools rush in and spend their hard earned cash on useless clothes and skiing related gadgets that are of very little benefit.


Two things to think about here. Firstly, if you are staying in a shared chalet then try to be a little considerate of those you are sharing with. A suitcase the size of a small family car that everyone in the chalet has to climb over to get to bed, will not go down well. Secondly, make sure you can secure it. Because you are skiing you are likely to have some highly desirable bits of ski wear and the associated add-ons.

Ski’s, Snowboards & Boots

If you are going skiing or boarding for the first time, I would strongly suggest that you don’t go out and buy the best looking snowboard, skis or boots that you can find. As much as you are drawn to the beautiful array of sexy snow sports equipment on the wall of the sports store, remember this – you are just learning and are likely to progress very quickly in the first couple of weeks on the piste. Do you really want to hold yourself back by buying the wrong equipment for a beginner or, if your lucky and find a really great sports shop that has sold you the ideal equipment for a learner, have to sell it on your return because you need equipment for an intermediate? Don’t do it! Rent the equipment when you get there.


Key to the clothing is layers. Buying big thick socks and jumpers is really not the way to go. It’s very difficult to regulate your temperature with a single thick layer. Very thin layers, one upon the next works best. If you’re cold, add another thin layer. Each layer traps air that is warmed by the body. If you’re too warm, removing a single layer each time will really help to get to where you are comfortable.

Skin & Muscle Care

New to skiing? Then you’re likely to start aching on day one in places you never even realised you had muscles! To avoid too many aches and pains, it’s worth investing in a few essentials. Freeze sprays or gels are fantastic as well as any kind of cold press. Two other essentials are sunblock and lip balm. It’s amazing how much sun you catch when on the mountain. Key to reducing the likelihood of injury in stretching before and after hitting the slopes. Do you really want to have to sit around all day because you pulled a muscle?

Do you have any advice for those embarking on their first skiing adventure? What do you take that is essential?

What is a Passive Income and why should I want one?

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Residual Income from your money treeThe term Passive Income (sometimes also referred to as a Residual Income) is not new. Increasingly more of us understand what a passive income is, and how it can help to secure our financial futures. It’s time to stop relying on others and to take control of your own destiny.

So, what is it? Most people’s experience of a Passive Income, would be found as a pension scheme that in later life, after paying into them for decades, would provide a replacement income for when we chose to, or could no longer work. We all hope that our pensions, invested by someone for us, will be sufficient to provide a monthly payment in-lieu of the salary we received when we worked. That hope, we now fear, has been eroded by the financial institutions we once trusted.

Many cannot afford to top up their pension schemes, as the cost of living is rising faster than salaries. So what other options are there for generating a Passive Income? You could become a Singer/Songwriter, Author or Artist. All these vocations can generate a Passive Income. However, for most of us, these are just pipe dreams, if dreams at all. Many of us “average” people, are being attracted to the many Network Marketing opportunities available out there that promise to provide a Passive Income.

I was lucky enough to come across one such company that I felt I could have the passion for, and one that has the potential to secure my financial future. I found an online travel company and host agency for home-based travel agents. What was not to like? I love to travel and know many friends who love to travel. I hate to pay full price for holidays and trips and so do many people I know.

I think the time for hope is over and now is the time to take control of your own financial future. Do you really trust others to secure your financial future? – I don’t!

Are you interested in securing your financial future? If so, get involved

Life’s too short

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Life’s too short

Life’s too shortHow many times have we heard people say, “life’s too short”? How many people do anything about it? Not many I can assure you. We lead very busy, hectic lives and often neglect ourselves, believing that we have all the time in the world to do all those things we planned to do. OK, I accept that we have responsibilities and people rely on us, but taking time for yourself doesn’t have to be the traditional two week break in the sun, worrying about all the work that will be waiting for you when you get back.

It’s well known that simply getting away for a three or four day break is enough to allow you to step away from the rat race and recharge your batteries. So where can you go for a short break? We are uniquely placed in the UK to travel within eight short hours to some stunning places. Here in the UK we have some amazing destinations for city breaks, each with it’s own identity and each has something to suit any traveller. I have been surprised recently by both Cardiff and Manchester.

Want something a little less British? Then why not try out some of the Scandinavian countries. Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Finland or Denmark. All stunning countries within a stones throw from any UK airport. The traditional British holiday destinations on the Portuguese or Spanish coasts can be visited off season or midweek for a totally different experience.

Europe also boasts some stunning cities such as Budapest, Prague, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Dublin, Monaco and Amsterdam. The list could go on with over 27 Countries being member states of the EU. You could spend a whole lifetime just visiting the countries and cities of Europe

So where have you been for a short break that was unforgettable? Where would you go if someone gave you a plane ticket?

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