What is a Passive Income and why should I want one?

November 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Residual Income from your money treeThe term Passive Income (sometimes also referred to as a Residual Income) is not new. Increasingly more of us understand what a passive income is, and how it can help to secure our financial futures. It’s time to stop relying on others and to take control of your own destiny.

So, what is it? Most people’s experience of a Passive Income, would be found as a pension scheme that in later life, after paying into them for decades, would provide a replacement income for when we chose to, or could no longer work. We all hope that our pensions, invested by someone for us, will be sufficient to provide a monthly payment in-lieu of the salary we received when we worked. That hope, we now fear, has been eroded by the financial institutions we once trusted.

Many cannot afford to top up their pension schemes, as the cost of living is rising faster than salaries. So what other options are there for generating a Passive Income? You could become a Singer/Songwriter, Author or Artist. All these vocations can generate a Passive Income. However, for most of us, these are just pipe dreams, if dreams at all. Many of us “average” people, are being attracted to the many Network Marketing opportunities available out there that promise to provide a Passive Income.

I was lucky enough to come across one such company that I felt I could have the passion for, and one that has the potential to secure my financial future. I found an online travel company and host agency for home-based travel agents. What was not to like? I love to travel and know many friends who love to travel. I hate to pay full price for holidays and trips and so do many people I know.

I think the time for hope is over and now is the time to take control of your own financial future. Do you really trust others to secure your financial future? – I don’t!

Are you interested in securing your financial future? If so, get involved


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