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I came across an opportunity a few years ago that changed my life. As someone who loves to travel, the chance to travel more often, to amazing destinations and at discounted prices was a no-brainer. Add the chance to earn an uncapped income and you have an amazing opportunity. As you read this Blog Post you may find yourself wondering how I did it. Just ask!



As if the holidays offered by ‘Dreaming of Trips’ seem almost too good to be true and are not enough to already tempt you to join the club, there are yet more elements to the holidays to make it all even more irresistible!

Whilst the holidays can be booked directly, these do not include the flights.  They have a preferred supplier who are able to check out all the flights going to your destination and find you the cheapest one.  All their flights are scheduled and not chartered.  They also do not ‘block book’ seats, they buy the seats on an individual basis based on the actual booking being made.  They also offer a 50% commission deal, whereby this is then put towards your next flight with the company.  Travel insurance is also included of $20,000.

Picture of plane

The company also offer a ‘rate shrinker’ on all hotel and flight bookings.  This means that all bookings are checked every 12 hours between the booking and the actual holiday to see if there are any reductions in the prices.  In the event that there is a reduction, the balance will be refunded back to you!  Anyone else out there able to offer this kind of service? We don’t think so.

Picture of decreasing arrow

So there are another TWO good reasons to consider signing up to ‘Dreaming of Trips’ with cheap flights, amazing holidays and a Concierge service at your beck and call.

What are you waiting for?


Interested in finding our more about Dreaming of Trips?

Twitter: http://twitter.com/dreamingoftrips



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