New to Skiing – What to pack

November 14, 2011 § 2 Comments

New to skiingSo you’ve decided to go on your first Skiing holiday. Fantastic idea, but it’s a very different experience to the normal run of the mill, but equally lovely, beach holiday. First things first, take your time and plan what you will need. Only fools rush in and spend their hard earned cash on useless clothes and skiing related gadgets that are of very little benefit.


Two things to think about here. Firstly, if you are staying in a shared chalet then try to be a little considerate of those you are sharing with. A suitcase the size of a small family car that everyone in the chalet has to climb over to get to bed, will not go down well. Secondly, make sure you can secure it. Because you are skiing you are likely to have some highly desirable bits of ski wear and the associated add-ons.

Ski’s, Snowboards & Boots

If you are going skiing or boarding for the first time, I would strongly suggest that you don’t go out and buy the best looking snowboard, skis or boots that you can find. As much as you are drawn to the beautiful array of sexy snow sports equipment on the wall of the sports store, remember this – you are just learning and are likely to progress very quickly in the first couple of weeks on the piste. Do you really want to hold yourself back by buying the wrong equipment for a beginner or, if your lucky and find a really great sports shop that has sold you the ideal equipment for a learner, have to sell it on your return because you need equipment for an intermediate? Don’t do it! Rent the equipment when you get there.


Key to the clothing is layers. Buying big thick socks and jumpers is really not the way to go. It’s very difficult to regulate your temperature with a single thick layer. Very thin layers, one upon the next works best. If you’re cold, add another thin layer. Each layer traps air that is warmed by the body. If you’re too warm, removing a single layer each time will really help to get to where you are comfortable.

Skin & Muscle Care

New to skiing? Then you’re likely to start aching on day one in places you never even realised you had muscles! To avoid too many aches and pains, it’s worth investing in a few essentials. Freeze sprays or gels are fantastic as well as any kind of cold press. Two other essentials are sunblock and lip balm. It’s amazing how much sun you catch when on the mountain. Key to reducing the likelihood of injury in stretching before and after hitting the slopes. Do you really want to have to sit around all day because you pulled a muscle?

Do you have any advice for those embarking on their first skiing adventure? What do you take that is essential?


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