Halong Bay, Vietnam

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Joy & Coconut

I heard from people that this place was a must see when visiting Vietnam. I especially wanted to go because I never got to El Nido in Palawan (in the Philippines) which also has limestone jutting out of the water. Our tour company booked us on a gorgeous boat which we did an overnight cruise on to sail out to see the awesome rock formations. My only requests were that Coco and I not share a room with anyone and that the boat be high quality with life jackets and a well-trained staff.  I read a story on a blog about a woman whose boat capsized in the middle of the night in Thailand. I was not trying to have that happen!! Our tour company, Absolute Vietnam Travel, did not disappoint. I was very impressed!

Halong Bay is about two hours from Hanoi. The drive there was very interesting…

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I came across an opportunity a few years ago that changed my life. As someone who loves to travel, the chance to travel more often, to amazing destinations and at discounted prices was a no-brainer. Add the chance to earn an uncapped income and you have an amazing opportunity. As you read this Blog Post you may find yourself wondering how I did it. Just ask!



Price £141 Approx (30% saving)

PANORAMIC VIEW OF IOANNINAExperience the romantic air of Ioannina, a charming Greek castle town, featuring a splendid collection of interesting attractions, festive eateries, pristine natural beauty, elegant luxury and significant history. Upon entering the monumental gates of this graceful city, explore its colorful world of Jewish-, Muslim- and Christian-inspired décor, including once-grand mansions now turned into museums, traditional-style buildings, historic monasteries, picturesque neighborhoods, and the lively bustle of contemporary streets such as Avérof and Aneksartisías. Savor tsípouro and lake favorites, like trout and frogs’ legs, saving room for the popular local desert, “yianniotiko.” Tour the Archaeological, Folk Art, Byzantine and Pavlos Vrellis Greek History museums. Discover Greece’s countryside, adorned with romantic bridges, architecture, art and more. See Old Town and Perama Cave and then enjoy a bike ride around Lake Pamvotida and a boat ride around the scenic isle of Ioánnina.

Whatever you choose, you’ll find plenty to do in the captivating life of intriguing Ioánnina.

GRAND SERAI CONGRESS & SPABuilt on a 13-acre estate within the heart of Ioannina lies the Grand Serai Congress Spa & Hotel. A true palace in and of itself, it combines the best of traditional values with new standards in service and unprecedented luxury.

This 5-star hotel is known for its friendly staff, exceptional comfort and attention to detail. Let the Grand Serai Congress Spa & Hotel be your home away from home on your DreamTrip to Ioannina.


  • 4-day and 3-night stay at the Grand Serai Congress & Spa Hotel.
  • Standard double-room accommodations with satellite TV, a mini-bar, and an en-suite bathroom that includes a plush bathrobe and slippers for use during your stay.
  • Half-board includes an American breakfast buffet and a 4-course dinner or buffet dinner served in the main restaurant.
  • Rafting excursion on the Arachtho River with a barbecue lunch and souvenir photo. For more information, click here.
  • 20 percent discount on all spa treatments.
  • Taxes/VAT.
  • A host will be provided with 20 adults booking. Please see disclaimer below for more details.
  • If a hosted DreamTrip, a Welcome Check-In on the day of arrival and Meet & Greet Party will be provided to members and their guests.
  • Air transportation is not included. The closest commercial airport is Ioannina National Airport (IOA)
Interested in IOANNINA, GREECE and all it has to offer? Get in touch and book this limited time deal quickly.

Additional Information

Maximum occupancy is 3 adults.

Children ages 5 and younger are free, children ages 6-11 are $80, and children and teens ages 12-17 are $112.

Children’s pricing is based on age at time of travel.

Contact your consulate for visa requirements.

Members requiring additional nights, not booked prior to travel, will be charged the hotel’s prevailing rate, not the DreamTrip price. Please email the DreamTrip specialist with bedding requests.

Contact specialist for availability and pricing for additional nights.

Check-in: 2 p.m. Check-out: noon

The member who booked the DreamTrip will be emailed an e-folder containing destination details 2 weeks prior to travel.

**Airfare not included.**

The trip will close by March 25.

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Tangier, Morocco


A riad (Arabic: رياض‎) is a traditional Moroccan house with an interior garden or courtyard. The word riad comes from the Arabian term for garden, “ryad”.

The riads were inward focused, which allowed for family privacy and protection from the weather in Morocco. This inward focus was expressed in the central location of most of the interior gardens and courtyards and the lack of large windows on the exterior clay or mud brick walls. This design principle found support in Islamic notions of privacy for women. Because all of the rooms open into the central atrium space, this layout also supports community within the family.  In the central garden of traditional riads there is often a fountain, which naturally circulates and cools off the air, functioning as a natural air-conditioner.

The style of these riads has changed over the years, but the basic form is still used in…

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Amazing video. Would you like to experience this?

Ben Tavener

As part of our trip to Natal, Rio Grande do Norte in Brazil’s blissfully beach-packed northeast region, we went snorkelling on a coral reef.

The reef is located some 7km out in the Atlantic Ocean off the seaside town of Maracajaú. Using our new GoPro Hero 2 camera, capable of filming up to 60m below the surface, we filmed what we could – despite the sea being very choppy and quite bubbly!

Music – Under the Sea by Bena Lobo.

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zest and all the rest

Copenhagen may be the happiest city in the world, but if you’d rather spend the day outdoors than walk Strøget again, explore the gorgeous Swedish landscape.

From Copenhagen, drive or take public transportation to Helsingor in Eastern Denmark. There are 31 daily twenty minute sailings across the Øresund (the narrow waterway between Denmark and Sweden) to Helsingborg. From there, drive along a scenic route (filled with Swedish architecture as you approach the coast) to Kullaberg. Also known as Kullen, this natural reseve lies in Southwest Sweden, not too far from Mölle.

I ventured to the Swedish Coast with some classmates for a rock climbing trip organized by DIS. Our climbing instructors were British, so the key words were a little different than the American “On Belay”. To get to the favorite spot of many locals we had to first climb down.

The day was surprisingly sunny for Scandinavian weather and the rocks were…

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On the Road in Bavaria Day 1: Palaces and Pork Knuckle

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Have Baggage, Will Travel

Day One of Bavarian Road TripIn anticipation of our upcoming Southwestern US road trip adventure in October, we’ll be revisiting some of our most memorable travels. We love a good road trip, especially the ability to get behind the wheel, press the gas pedal, and just keep going—anywhere— as well as to stop when and where we like. Road trips aren’t always the most affordable travel option, but if you can land a great deal on a rental car (or save money elsewhere), they’re a wonderful way to experience places and things you might otherwise miss on a tour or public transportation. We’re firm believers that travel isn’t just about the destination, but about the journey, too!

In October 2010, Nicole and I kicked off our very first trip together: a 9-day drive through Germany and Austria. First stop: the medieval walled town of Rothenburg.

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Wow that is stunning

life to reset

If there is one thing that best represent  Japan’s natural beauty, it has to be the highest mountain- Mt. Fuji.   The 3,766m symmetrical cone shaped mountain has inspired poet and artist for decades, where it was often depicted with the top- half covered in snow.

My first visit to the mountain was last year, during the hiking season where the  picturesque snow-capped was gone.  I was a bit sad to see the mountain on its “ordinary” state, so I promised to myself that on one fine day, I shall return to Yamanashi prefecture, to see the mountain on all its glory.

To view the mountain requires exceptional timing and preferably “sunny, clear” weather condition. So, I was checking out the weather forecast almost everyday, as I don’t want to waste a 3 hours commute to the unpredictable spring season.

Last Sunday was just the right day that I was waiting…

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